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Bridal Styling

Composing your exceptional story with precision in color, silhouette, style, tone and beauty.
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Your wedding gown silhouette must be comfortable, flattering and everything you have been dreaming of & more...

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Beauty & Accessories

Makeup style, hair positioning and additional jewelry & accessories can make your look really shine...


Bridal Party

Coordinate the looks and styles of your tribe to make the moment spark in pictures and experience...

Many brides agree that shopping for the wedding dress and the wedding-party wardrobe is one of the most difficult, emotional, and potentially stressful parts of organizing their nuptials. Making sure you feel and look your best, managing the expectations of friends and family, and navigating through an endless amount of options can be overwhelming. A bridal stylist will act as your fashion advocate and can assist with every aspect, from shopping for the gown to being by your side on the big day, assuring you look top-level..

Shopping for the Dress

With the increasing relevance of social media, engaged women have more choices than ever before; they are constantly inundated with information about wedding-day style. Some are savvy shoppers and look forward to exploring every single ensemble option, while others prefer a quick, streamlined shopping experience. Most women fall somewhere in between, but every bride-to-be can benefit from the help of an expert.

Unlike a bridal consultant – an experienced professional who will help to find you a gown within the confines of our preferred  boutiques – a bridal stylist will help you find the best gown for you. We have access to a wide variety of designers and boutiques, and will not only ensure you are receiving a wonderful experience, but will help you verbalize the style you're looking for and assist in making your vision a reality.

As your personal bridal stylist, we also have relationships with designers who will offer a wider range of dress styles than a local boutique may carry in stock. Additionally, we can help with special requests such as extra fabric, custom measurements, rush orders, and other insider favors. We often have access to designers that are otherwise unavailable in your location, which will save you a costly and time-consuming trip to explore ideas.

Choosing Bridal Accessories, Hair Styles and Makeup Looks

Do you want a glamorous, photo-worthy pump for the wedding, but need a second sensible pair for dancing? Most bridal boutiques do not carry a full range of shoes, if any at all, so your stylist can collect several heels to try with the gown. They can also bring in accessories from a variety of boutiques, so all elements can be sampled while wearing your dress – it’s very difficult to find the right options without seeing yourself in full bridal regalia!

Additionally, having a full hair and makeup trial will assure the day of the event is efficient, effortless and without any surprises.

Bridal Party

We can design the look of the entire bridal party – from establishing the same level of formality with both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom to acting as your advocate and counselor during any potentially stressful conversations with your nearest and dearest.

We can help find reasonable cost options for the bridesmaid and groomsmen, to assure a stunning full cast of cohesive style.

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