Once you have contacted me about your wedding, and I have confirmed my availability, please print off this agreement and email, mail or fax the contract to me. I will figure the numbers and send it back to you with my signatures. This will identify the deposit fee and all the details of the location, timing and the number of people to have their makeup completed. 



Wedding Makeup Service Agreement


Elora Inc. dba

Gypsy Poetry

This contract outlines an agreement and all contractual obligations made on ______________[date], between Elora Inc. - DBA Gypsy Poetry and _______________________[name], of _____________________________________[address], ___________________________[city], _______[state], ________ ( zip code) here referred to as Bride. 


Ø     Bride and/or wedding party agrees to a signed contract for Elora Inc. to provide makeup services on the date and time agreed.

Ø     Elora Inc. agrees to perform these services for bride and wedding party under the terms and conditions set forth in this contract.

Ø     Accuracy of this form is extremely important in providing effective and timely services by the Artist in consideration of the mutual promises set forth in this contract; it is agreed by and between Bride and Elora Inc.



Elora Inc. and the artist is not to be considered an agent or employee of bride for any purpose. The parties intend that an independent contractor relationship will be created by this contract. Bride is interested only in the results to be achieved; the conduct and control of the work will lie solely with the artist.

Beauty Artist obligations

Ø     Makeup Artist shall provide Services with reasonable care and skill.

Ø     Makeup Artist shall perform the Services promptly on the date and time agreed.

Ø     If Makeup Artist is unable to perform agreed services for any unforeseeable reason or unavoidable situation, Elan-Life Spa cannot perform the agreed upon services due to unforeseen circumstances or any other cause beyond her control, any and all payments shall be returned to the client with the understanding that there will be no further liability with respect to the agreement. 

Ø     Artist shall be the exclusive Make up Artist for Bride’s wedding. (Others may be permitted to make up only at Artist’s discretion.)

Ø     Elora Inc. shall use her own products in the provision of the Services

Ø     Elora Inc. will arrange means of transport and have their own mobile phone but may claim legitimate expenses subject to prior agreement.

Ø     Makeup Artist will use good quality professional materials.

Bride Obligations

Ø     Bride agrees to pay Fee in accordance with Payment provision

Ø     Bride is responsible for Elora Inc. fees, parking and travel fees as discussed.

Ø     Bride agrees to immediately inform Elora Inc. and its assistants or agents regarding any sensitivities or allergies they may have to any types of makeup, products, or treatments.

Ø     Bride agrees to inform bridal party to inform Elora Inc. of any sensitivities or allergies they may have to any types of makeup, products, or treatments.

~ Elora Inc. and affiliated team members work very hard to assure a timely result for the bride and parties, thus we hold to a very efficient and timely schedule. We ask that you honor our time commitments, as we generally complete 2 or more weddings each Saturday and Sunday over our high season. If you are not able to keep the scheduled timeline as proposed by Colleen, you must communicate this to her, and if she is unable to complete your suggested requirements due to complications on your end, she holds no liability to you, and is still owed the full amount expressed on this contract for her time commitment. 

Ø     Pricing ~ Bride Makeup ~ $85 Traditional, $95 Airbrush~Price per person, and does NOT include the Initial Consultation with make-up application. This fee covers per person costs of wedding day High Definition make-up application.

Ø     Bridal Party Members ~ $75 Traditional, $85 for airbrush. Does not include consultation.  Bridal party members may have a make-up consultation for an additional charge of $75 per person, $85 for airbrush. This will need to be stated prior to the Initial Consultation.


$80.00 Hair Trial

$90.00 Brides Hair

$90.00 Single up-do

$70.00 for Down Style

$40.00 for short hair Wash and Blow Out

* Lashes are an additional $18.00 per person 

* *All wedding parties require a signed Contract and 50% deposit due at booking.
20% gratuity will be added to all wedding services..
All prices are subject to change without notice.


A travel fee will be charged of $45.00 per artist to any destination outside of the spa, within Summit County.

If Elora Inc. is required to travel out of state or 2 hours out of Summit County or due to an early call time before 7am extra charges will incur. Bride will be responsible for hotel, travel, gas and per diem allowance for meals.


If for any reason, the date is cancelled after the one month grace period cancellation, the deposit is forfeited.


Bride agrees not to hold Elora Inc., its agents, assistants, and staff responsible for any allergic reactions developed as a result of the make-up application that may occur to Bride or bridal party. Additionally, it is noted that every precaution is provided, with artists wearing masks, disinfecting all tools, and providing a safe and disinfected experience, as to not hold Elora Inc., its agents, assistants, and staff under any responsibility for Covid-19 symptoms, or diagnosis.


Bride agrees to allow Elora Inc. to take before and after pictures to use for promotional use, for advertising purposes on its website and other promotion materials.

Please read entire contract and supply all requested info.

Contact Name:___________________________phone #________________________(required)

2nd point of contact:__________________________phone#_____________________(required) 

Mailing Address:________________________________________________________

Email Address:__________________________________________________________

Event Type:_____________________________________________________________

Event Date:_____________________________________________________________

Event Time:____________________________________________________________


Services Requested:______________________________________________________


Time services need to be finished:____________________________________________


(Please confirm timing with your planner and photographer)


Service Location Address (please specify if this is a residence/hotel/venue):



(Where services will be performed)

Reserving Artist/s: We work on a first come first serve basis and all our artists book up very

quickly. The date of your event is NOT reserved on the bridal calendar until a deposit is paid and

this contract is received by me signed by client. A 50% deposit of overall services is required to

book your wedding date. Remainder is due in cash /check or via CC with gratuities and applicable

travel fees on the day of the wedding directly to the artists before services start. This prevents

chaos at the end while bride gets dressed and also allows for more time for touch-ups. You will

receive an itemized breakdown of what is owed to each artist to make things easier.



There is generally a $400 booking minimum or 4 services per artist for on-location wedding day

services (this does not include the fees for your trial) Client is responsible for any required

tolls or parking when makeup artist is traveling to location.


*Please let your guests know that last minute add on services will be permitted if time allows,

however will incur an additional service fee.


Deposits are non-refundable. At the moment check or Venmo deposits are accepted for

payment of deposit. Any returned checks are subject to a $35 NSF Fee and payment then must be

submitted either cash, check or Venmo application.

Travel Fee: Please inquire with your service location address to determine the travel fee.

Changes and Cancellations: Change of confirmed wedding or event date is subject to availability.

REQUIRED: Please email with your name and service date with at least 2 pictures of hair and makeup that inspire you for your BIG DAY to:



If you are wanting to do trials beforehand please specify hair or makeup or both and list a couple

of dates and times that work for you, so that I can check the artists availability.


For scheduling and deposit calculation purposes please include the names of everyone getting

services and which services they are getting so that the deposit amount can be calculated.

DO NOT just put makeup and hair.

For makeup: conventional or airbrush, with or without lashes

For Hair: Up-do with accessory, Just a blow out, etc.

For example: Susan - AB Makeup+lashes, Up-do, needs to go earlier in the schedule









Contracted Services Per Person:

You may add people at any time up to the day before the

wedding. Please advise Elora Inc., of any additional people

wanting services so that the schedule may be adjusted if possible.

*If for any reason a person or persons decides not to receive already booked services on the day of the

wedding the services must still be paid for in full. Services can be transferred to someone else so that you

do not lose money.


(please write the amount you are submitting for deposit after you receive the itemized

breakdown from us)

*Gratuities are not included in fees for services quoted; 20% will be calculated in

your final balance due and emailed to you in the final details email along with the day of


Write/Send check or money order deposits to:

Colleen Meheen

475 Hillside Drive

Silverthorne, CO 80498

If emailing this form please print out, sign and take a photo with your phone, along with signature and email to:


If you wish to pay deposit by Venmo, please call or text 720-480-7059

We look forward to working with you!

Brides/client full name________________________________________


Elora Inc.


720-480-7059 text or call