Forever Flowers

Foamiran flowers have been around for many years, but the very best, and most authentic looking and feeling stems originate in Russia, where the trade has been mastered.


The word “foamiran” is simply a contraction of “foam Iran”, which is where this special material originates. It’s a super-thin craft foam that is specifically designed for making flowers with almost lifelike details. Regular craft foam—the kind most of us are familiar with is typically 2mm thick.


Foamiran, however, is less than half the thickness of standard craft foam, with a choice of 0.6mm and 0.8mm thicknesses available to artists.

This craft has been mastered over many years across Russia and Eastern Europe. The final stems last forever, yet sustain the texture, color vibrancy and look of fresh cut, from the market florals. 

I source from a select few leading artists based in Russia, and each stem is made to order, with a minimum of 8 stems. Stems start at $48.00+ each, and require 2-3 months to create.