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Floral Contract

After a consultation and agreed upon set of parameters, this contract and a 20% deposit payment must be finalized to book the wedding day or event.

Pink Theme Bouquet
Flower Arrangement

Gypsy Poetry

Petal Poetry Floral Design

Colleen Meheen: Designer & Owner
720-480-7059 Cell
Venmo: @Colleen-Meheen
Cash App: $ColleenMeheen
Checks Payable to: Colleen Meheen
Often, Gypsy Poetry staff and/or selected associates may photograph the floral and event designs and we reserve the right to use any photographs for display or promotion without any compensation to you. We reserve the right to cancel this contract if at any time we feel that the obligations cannot be met.
Payment Terms:
Payments for initial deposits must be made by cash, check, or Venmo - all checks must be made out to Colleen Meheen. A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the final price is required to confirm your wedding date. The final balance for all faux and real touch floral orders will be due in cash or through Venmo or Cash App upon pickup. In the event that you book our services within 4 weeks of the wedding date, the entire balance will be due immediately to secure your date and order. This payment will be non-refundable. Any order that is booked close to the event date will require an expedited shipping fee that Gypsy Poetry must pass onto the client if necessary flowers are not in stock.

If we are shipping your order, an additional shipping fee will be applied and determined at the time of shipment as it is based on size and weight of the box. A $30 service fee will be charged on all returned checks. Additional services and products can be added to your order up to 6 weeks prior to the wedding date. Add-on services and products ordered after the final payment date are to be paid in full upon order placement. No guarantee is given that the same flowers will be available for add-on orders made within 6 weeks of your wedding date, but rest assured the color and style of the wedding theme will match as closely as possible.
Approval To Procure Supplies & Materials:
Upon execution of this agreement, you authorize Gypsy Poetry to begin procuring supplies for your wedding immediately as agreed upon by both parties.
Fresh Floral Weddings Procurement (Upon Mutual Agreement):
Gypsy Poetry will complete the procurement of any agreed upon fresh flowers or greenery in the week leading up to the wedding date. If special order items (vases, centerpieces, etc.) are required, these may be ordered after the contract signing to secure the items. If client is supplying vases or containers they must be dropped off only a few days prior to the designing as Gypsy Poetry is not held accountable for any lost or damaged items.
Faux & Real Touch Floral Weddings Procurement
Gypsy Poetry may begin procuring and designing faux and real touch flowers immediately due to demand. Immediate procurement may be necessary to ensure your desired flower choice and color scheme are available. Supplies include, but are not limited to: flowers, greenery, design supplies, vases, containers, ribbon, fabrics, and other necessary floral design materials. Gypsy Poetry is not liable for any allergic reactions due to the real touch latex blend materials and colored dyes used to create the faux flowers.
In the event of a cancellation prior to the final payment date, you will receive a refund of monies paid less the non-refundable security deposit. You are responsible for any and all costs incurred by Gypsy Poetry related to supplies and materials procured for your wedding day up to that point. Cancellations after the final payment date will require a final consultation via email or phone to determine if refunds are available. In no event will the initial deposit be refunded. Under no circumstances will a refund of monies paid be administered to the client after the designing and floral order is complete. We reserve the right to make any substitutions in the event that the flowers received are not of the quality suitable for your wedding. Any substitutes will match as closely as possible in color and style as the original flowers agreed upon.
Design Terms & Deposit:
Ordering of any flowers, supplies and design work will not begin until a signed copy of this contract is returned to owner and designer, Colleen Meheen of Gypsy Poetry, and the 20% minimum deposit is received. Initial deposits are accepted via cash, check, or Venmo only. All checks must be made payable to Colleen Meheen. The designer will be available via email during the entire design process if you may have any questions. Any change requests should be made via email, and confirmed by All fresh floral orders will be ready for pick-up or delivery the morning of or the night before the event, unless other arrangements are agreed upon. Faux & real touch floral orders will be ready for pick-up well in advance for pick-up and must be collected and paid in full via cash or Cash App within 1 week of the completion date, no exceptions. The completion date will be emailed to you after

Gypsy Poetry has completed your designs.
Rental Terms: (Coming Soon)
Rental items require a 25% minimum deposit of the total amount renting for a security deposit. This will be returned to the customer upon their return of all items rented if all items are accounted for and in excellent condition. Rental items should be picked up within 2 days or less of the event date at the earliest. The rentals must all be returned within 2 days after the event date to the address provided at booking. The rentals should be in the same condition they were picked up in. Rental items that have been left behind, lost, stolen, or damaged in any way will require reimbursement of the full retail cost. Any and all rentals must be stored properly for best results before and after the events. Gypsy Poetry reserves the right to require reimbursement of the full retail value on any item that has not been returned in an acceptable condition - this is determined by a Gypsy Poetry employee upon the return date.
Delivery & Set Up Fees:
A $400 Delivery Fee will apply to all areas within 10 miles of Silverthorne, Colorado. Deliveries outside our area will require the $400 Delivery Charge, plus an additional $1.00 per mile after 10 miles. An additional charge may be required for larger orders and/or multiple stops. Customers may opt to pick up completed floral designs themselves or through a specified representative. If flowers require to be set up, a $300 minimum Set Up Fee will apply per location and will be determined and dependent on the scope of the event. If event requires break down of floral designs after the event, a separate fee for time and travel will be included for this added service. In the event of repurposing floral designs and/or décor after a ceremony, and a floral designer and/or assistant is needed, there will be a separate fee applied for the wait time and resetting, which will be discussed and agreed upon as needed.

“I agree to the terms set out in this contract and agree that I am the person responsible for all payments and decisions regarding this order.”

   Client Name: ________________________________________________ 

    Phone: ______________________________
  Clients Email Address: ___________________________________
  Clients Venmo Account Handle if Applicable: _________________________________  

    Clients Cash App Handle: __________________________

  Florist: Gypsy Poetry, Silverthorne Colorado 80498

   Specific Event Information:

   Event date: ______________________________________

   Event Location: __________________________________

   Flower Delivery Date and Time: ____________________________________

   Flower Delivery Location: ______________________________

   Time of Event: _________________________________

   Services provided by Gypsy Poetry (Rentals, Set-up, Tear-Down): _______________________________________________

   Date and Time(s) of the ceremony and reception: ___________________________________________

   Location(s) of the ceremony and reception: _____________________________________

   Floral Element Listing with Price:

           ______________________________________            _____________________________________

           ______________________________________            _____________________________________

           ______________________________________            _____________________________________

           ______________________________________            _____________________________________

           ______________________________________            _____________________________________

           ______________________________________            _____________________________________

           ______________________________________            _____________________________________

   Floral & Color Alternatives or Substitutions: ___________________________________________________

   Unacceptable Substitutions: ________________________________________________
   Design Supplies Provided by Gypsy Poetry Include: ____________________________________________________   

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