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Editorial Styled Design

For brands that look to express a supremely sophisticated esthetic in their branded content, Gypsy Poetry uses our collective services and passion for fine-art styling, to compose a style story that is remarkable, note-worthy and extraordinary.

In a market of infinite content across multiple social media platforms globally, it is imperative that the content your brand uses to tell your unique story, be outstanding in design, composition and theme. From fragrance, jewelry, fashion and accessories, to cosmetics, relationships and automobiles, we can design an amazing experience to highlight your brand in the most optimal light.

Anything is possible

As we collaborate on a styled shoot, our imagination is our template to construct infinite possibilities in expressing the uniqueness of your brand and content. We will compose inspiration boards, color palettes, lighting and saturation edits to truly match the goal of your story within an image.

You bring your ideas, we bring them to life in color, hues, saturation and texture!

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