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Living From A State of Innocence & Integrity

My passion and complete surrender to the beautiful, the blissful, the magical, has been my story from the start! As an artist, a creator, I observed my world from a very innocent and optimistic point of I was able to discern the inherent perfection of life, the natural world, the seasons and the ebb and flow of our existence.
Through this lens, I journeyed through the pathways of my life with the intention to embody, ingest and express beauty that would uplift every other viewer in some positive way. This path has not diverted, only becoming more clear as the calendars pages turn forward...
The inspiration for "Gypsy Poetry" was a dance of passions within my persona attributed to beauty, romance, travel, personal expression, dance, music and moments of passionate enrapture. I embody all these collective sensual delights, and knew I needed a singular outlet to ignite a culture of like minded, gypsy souls.
The movement is simple in definition, yet extremely powerful in execution. To remind ourselves of that innocent, pure~hearted, gracious beginning, where we all entered into this life experience...and to live from that place of integrated joy. What that means practically, is that every decision we make, comes from a true and sincere place of honest alignment with our highest potential.
Symbolically, we tune into our inner compass, true North, that reminds us that we are all connected, we are all made from a pure and perfect love, and that we can co-exist in a sacred harmony that serves all life in integrity and grace. I know that extravagance, wonder and delight can all be experienced without compromising the earth or its furry and fuzzy inhabitants.
Here at Gypsy Poetry, we collaborate with like minded souls, to compose a symphony of personal life experience, built on the foundations of integrated beauty. This means that every product, service and experience is intended to serve the whole. We only use vegan leathers for boots, jackets and accessories, as well as ethically sourced products that are composed by individuals that are honored in their work with proper pay and safe working conditions. In-house, we utilize a powerful system of employee "buy in" throughout the company, that honors every individuals contribution to the dream and compensates them with mirrored benefit.
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