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You only get one moment for a proposal. If you're reading this, that means you want to make this singular moment as special as you can. Here's the thing- we can help you do that. What makes our proposal planning packages and ideas different is that we FULLY personalize everything down to the smallest details. And let's get real here,- a proposal is a moment between two people, not just one. We are the only company on the market who plans proposals to be seamlessly personalized for both of you.

Currently we work all around the Denver area and Rocky Mtn. West. From "top of the mountain" moments, to gardens, museums, vineyards, lake side decks, and anywhere else you can imagine!

Whats Included?

+ One-on-one consultation to personalize your proposal

+ Unlimited brainstorming and ideas provided 

+ All venues, decorations, and necessary details are planned for you!

+ Full preparation and execution of the proposal idea from the very beginning until the day of!

+ Day-of Event and Proposal Coordination

Due to the fact that so many creative options exist for the romantics looking to make a moment of magic...we can't price out packages specifically for the proposals. Please contact us with all your ideas, location and ideal budget, and from there we can compose a perfect plan of action for your ideal proposal!

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