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4 Stunning Bohemian Bridal Designers that will make jaws drop but won't break the bank!

Romantic, Rugged and Ravishing all wrapped up in a single gown...these designers from around the world have created collections that effortlessly mix up the sweet and savory in a blend of perfect silhouettes.

As an artist of life, I have an eye for outstanding design. This means that I have this keen ability to effortlessly observe harmonics within our world. From sounds to sights...when harmonics and balance are in proportion and the overall design dynamic mirrors the ideal PI 3.14 calculation, magic is a sure result! I am always hunting for the resplendent of life, and that is why I chose the bridal field as my main thrust of artistic whimsy.

Weddings are these euphoric moments of time, where we are fully present, fully alive and activated in the splendor of love. Having worked on so many weddings, with such a broad range of groups, I came to discover a true passion point....the Bohemian/Romantic style of personality and expression.

That said, I developed Gypsy Poetry to be my touch-point with other fellow gypsy dreamers, that have a passion for rustic, rugged, untamed beauty. Here, we are going to devour all things wild and wonderful. I look forward to exploring the "sublime" of this romantic journey with you~


This is a brand of true commitment to the idealism of simple lines, sensual fabrics and stunning silhouettes that easily reflect the perfection of a woman's body. In the genre of bohemian style, I have seen a very broad spectrum of styles and textures. This brand is an ideal fit for a bride that wants a touch of rugged and romantic, as the use of flowing silk and Chantilly lace offer a dancing component of movement from the main silhouettes.

Many of the gowns offer draping elements from the sleeves, off the shoulder and down the back. The trains are substantial enough to be mesmerizing, yet not to long as to be an irritant in getting to those amazing back-country backdrops for epic photos.

I appreciate the details in the various options, as they all compose a unique story unto themselves, and yet combine a collection that holds to a story of style. The price points are generous, when considering the full bridal scope of wedding gowns. They range on average between $1,800 ~ $2,700.

What I find tremendously appealing about this brand, is the range of approach they take in styling various body shapes, subtly using flattering lines and equally benevolent fabrics that will flatter any body type.

As I studied fashion in London, we had long discussions about the "drape" of a fabric, in its weight and hanging style. We have all been there, visually falling in love with a certain top or dress, then trying it on and realizing the light weight made the folds and seams appear off kilter, and it didn't flatter the figure at all.

The drape of these dresses appear heavy enough to flatter, and yet light in appearance as to appear sensual. This take a mastery of design esthetic as well as functionality, and Daughters of Simone managed to combine the two polarities with relative ease.

"Every dress has its own unique history, created with luxurious fabric, exquisite décor, magic accessories, inspiration, painstaking work of professionals and the cherished desire from the brides’ romantic dreams."

Admittedly, this is a favorite brand of mine, as a designer and stylist...they have some of the most interesting and unique design attributes that I have seen. Additionally, they have a level of quality that takes the cake. When I touch and experience their gowns, no matter the collection...the composition and construction quality is unparalleled.

What I appreciate the most about this brand is the range of style options they produce. From the extremely romantic, bohemian/Art Nouveau styles, to the sexy, goddess, knee buckling looks that are stunners...they do it all.

This group of designers are a Belarusian, as Belarus is famed for their craftsmanship in lingerie and couture. You can observe at first glance the level of mastery in their details, and can also note the lingerie elements that are obvious on many of the styles.

Their various collections will offer a robust range of styles, all that can be used in the ideas of gypsy/bohemian ease. WILD SOUL is their newest collection that is the epitome of lace seduction. These styles and silhouettes master the female form and compose a truly unique experience in wedding gown design.

The above image is captivating in its arrangement of sensual, lingerie attributes in direct integration with a traditional mermaid silhouette, yet designed using a very textured lace that speaks volumes of romance and adventure equally.

This is an off-shoot of a prairie gown idea, yet with loads of style, insane texture and loads of layers that make the movement of this gown storybook.


FLORAL PARADISE is another collection that yields more fitted, corseted bodices that balance a very layered, flowing skirt. The use of patterned fabrics creates a special story with this collection.

I would liken this collection to a more romanticized art-deco/art-nouveau idea. It is younger and more playful than the WILD SOUL, and very poetic in experience.


WEDDING BLOOM is a third collection that can also provide idealic options for the styles we have been discussing. Consider a quiet countryside event, big, open panoramas of flowers and tress...and this is your collection. It will mirror the natural elements of simplistic moments united with perfect innocents. These gowns offer no presumption of elite sentiments, only innocent and youthful ease!! When I think of beautiful little girls, lost in their daydreams as they dance across meadows of sunlight...this collection comes to mind~

Considering the full spectrum of their collections, you can consider paying between $1,600 ~ $2,800 depending on the specific collection and train length.


A New Zealand brand that illustrates the perfect beauty of designing for a woman's body.

I first discovered this gemstone of bohemian bridal design upon an Instagram binge. I was scrolling through exotic destinations around our glorious globe in which to stylize my future shoots. As I was mesmerized by all the wonder, an image by the lovely @mariefeandjakesnow scrolled innocently across my gaze.

It was not only the dark and emotionally triggering backdrop, but this gown of perfectly placed embroidery and lace. The angles of the designs that framed the silhouette and contoured her feminine design stole the show. I was hooked.

Now, this specific gown is completely perfect. The use of the lines and shapes within this fabric story are epic, and the under-layers of nude tones design the most sensually stimulating, yet tastefully refreshing composition. I feel like this gown could take you anywhere....and you could own the night.

The Rue De Seine brand I find to be one of the most playful and full out sensual gown designers that I have come across. These gowns are all extremely beautiful to look at on the hanger, and a thousand times more satisfying on a bride.

I feel as though this designer is first and foremost, a sculptor, then a fashion designer. The keen ability to use the flow of lines, texture, color and layers with this mastery is bliss for the bridal community. Tassels and colored pallets of patterns are used throughout the collections, and offer range in honoring the various body shapes that are looking for this very sensual styling.

The price points for these gems are a touch higher, ranging from $2,200 ~ $5,500. As I look over the full gown design elements of each piece, and observe the details from top to bottom, I completely understand the pricing, and believe it absolutely honors the integrity of the brand and its designer.

"With a unique design that caters to your personality and individual sense of style, Dreamers & Lovers promises to bring a sense of lasting magic to your special day. It’s about elegance and comfort, two concepts that seldom meet in the traditional bridal industry."

This brand is another powerful player in the Bohemian Style game. I came across this designer initially when they were only on ETSY. I was truly struck with the simplicity, yet truly remarkable romance of their designs. If I know anything about design, especially wedding gown that it is all about the quality of textiles that you use.

Dreamers and Lovers knows lace...they know truly beautiful, masterfully crafted, thick, stunning lace. Their gowns are a tasty vanilla cake, and the lace is that exceptional topping that makes the crowd cheer.

We have all seen it...the severely discounted, made in China copy cat of a visual stunner like this. Now, they might be able to simulate the silhouette of the gown to some degree, but they are using the cheapest, thinest, and most plastic looking textiles don't be fooled!!

Another really special feature of this brand, is their "Try it on at home" program, in which they actually ship your preferred gown to your home for an easy and quick try on. Again, this was a brand built on no-fuss, easy does it ideals, so trying on a gown in the comfort of your own home, with no sales pitch or drawn out opinions of other to contend with...might be right up your alley!

You can clearly observe the perfect movement and symmetry of their gowns construction, and the romance is timeless. These gowns are built right here in the United States, out of their California studio, so you can rest assured they are truly one of a kind.


I am truly mesmerized by these amazing talents as designers, artists, dreamers and story-tellers that use fashion and an amazing event to conjure in our minds and hearts, the ecstasy of life.

The bohemian/gypsy personality is the cherished soul that loves the bliss of life, and lives it on her terms, yet in complete kindness and compassion. I celebrate you on your adventure of wedded wonder, and I love to hear about your stories.

Feel free to reach out with ideas of articles you would like me to write about, as well as images that would inspire like minded gypsy dreamers!

With gratitude,


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