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The Every Girl's Guide to Boho Beauty

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

There’s a reason the bohemian look has had a loyal following for decades. The effortlessly chic style has some serious versatility and can work for a variety of occasions ranging from music festivals and lazy beach days to garden weddings and date nights. #bohobeauty

Angela Melero

Classic Beauty, Clean and Radiant

We support any look with that kind of clout! The other thing we love about the boho goddess look is that it doesn’t take much to execute. It’s really a matter of lightly accentuating your natural features. Don’t believe us? Check out this comprehensive guide to channeling your inner boho princess. Watch out: It may make you want to fly out the door and run barefoot through a field!

Beachy Waves

When you hear “boho hair,” what comes to mind? If you’re thinking perfectly imperfect bed-head waves, you would be right on the money. So how do women achieve that mussed-up hair that makes us all green with envy? Quite easily, actually. Try one of these three tutorials for the perfect boho hair for any hair length! One thing to keep in mind when rocking the soft, messy waves is that products are key to creating and keeping the style. Make sure you use a sea salt spray (applied to damp hair before taking a blow dryer to it) and texturizing spray (applied after you curl it).


Braided ’dos are also synonymous with bohemian beauty. There’s something very ethereal about a pretty plaited style. For an ideal boho braided style, try a braided crown or headband. They’re fairly easy to do and an instant upgrade to your mane. Just make sure the braids aren’t too tight or perfect. Sprinkle a little texturizing powder (like Shu Uemura Volume Maker) in your hair prior to braiding. This allows for your locks to have grip and gives them a messy, undone look.

Do Less

Bohemian style is all about letting your natural self shine, especially your lovely face. Stick to minimal, no-makeup makeup for this look. For foundation, opt for an illuminating formula to give your skin a soft, dewy finish (we love Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation). Stay away from cakey powders or matte finishes, as you don’t want to look overdone or too perfect.

One thing you can employ for a little color is bronzer. Free-spirited bohemian looks include sun-kissed complexions, so embracing a light bronzer would work in your favor. But, don’t go overboard! Keep the bronzer application strategic and stick to places on the face where the sun naturally hits. If you want a quick rundown on bronzer application, read this.

Natural Shadows

Unfortunately, chic and wild looks like the cat eye, smoky eye and neon eyeliner are not on the on the menu for boho eye makeup. Like we said earlier, this carefree look needs to be minimal and show off your natural features. Think earthy. Stick to neutral shadows and employ an eye contouring technique that will help accentuate your natural shape. If you must wear eyeliner, go with a matte brown as opposed to black and keep the line soft and slightly smudged.

Soft, Pretty Lips

For a perfect boho pout, pretty nudes and peach hues are the way to go. Like the approach to your facial makeup, lip products should have some shine and a light, glossy (emphasis on light) finish. Outline your lips with a natural or invisible lip liner and fill them in with a lip stain or gloss. For an even more subtle pop of lip color, you can try a tinted lip balm!

Sunless Tanner

Don’t let your face do all the glowing. Give the rest of your skin a natural faux glow with a little sunless tanning lotion. Keep the application light and far away from the orange family. The goal is to look like you spent a day in the sun, frolicking among the flowers (without actually having to step foot out of the house).

Metal Mania

While your hair and makeup stay natural and earthy, nails allow you to get a little edgy with your boho goddess beauty. Try cool metallics like gold, bronze or other glittery finishes to give your look a little sparkle. Just because you’re a natural beauty, doesn’t mean you can’t dazzle them a little!

Need more inspo? Check out more makeup tips and tutorials!

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