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Styling the Compassionate Bride

Whether you want to be a blinged-out bride or you’re into a more conservative, traditional look, your perfect vegan dress is out there! It’s important not only to look good but also to feel good about what you’re wearing. Finding a cruelty-free dress is a cinch, and there are lots of affordable options out there that are both gorgeous and vegan.

Fabrics to look for include the following (many of these can be made with synthetic materials):










When you’re out shopping, be sure to avoid silk overlays and underlays. Also, some satin, chiffon, and tulle can be made of silk, so check your labels!

There are a number of designers who make silk-free gowns. We are all about the lace and chiffon designs here at Elora Custom Couture/ Gypsy Poetry, as they are our specialty!

Don’t want to spend your wedding prep time going from store to store to see which ones have vegan dress options? Call ahead! Another option is to have your dress custom-made. That way, you can select the fabrics and design and have your dress made exactly as you envision it!

Once you find the perfect dress, it’s time to start the search for accessories. Check out Etsy or reach out to us for vegan hair accessories. From feather-free hairpieces to leather-free shoes, complete your look with adorable cruelty-free accents.

While shopping for the perfect accessories, be sure to avoid leather, feathers, and pearls, and discover the synthetic versions of these concepts!

For the Bridesmaids in Your Life

You can opt to pick out the dresses that your bridesmaids will wear (with their input, of course), or you can give them some guidelines and let them go out and do the shopping. If you want to choose the dresses, great! You’ll be an expert at finding vegan bridesmaid dresses after finding your own dress. If you decide to let your bridesmaids find their own dresses, be sure to give them ground rules and share the tips you learned while dress shopping. If your bridesmaids aren’t vegan, you should reassure them about how easy it is to find cruelty-free clothing and give them a list of materials to look for as well as materials to avoid.

One way to make things easier on your bridesmaids is to specify a color, fabric, and design that you’d like them to wear. For example, you could ask them to wear a lavender knee-length cotton dress or a blue floor-length polyester dress. Narrowing the field down might help them focus on their dress search. Also be sure to let them know that you’re there for them should any questions arise, and offer to go out and shop with them if they need assistance.

We here at Gypsy Poetry & Elora Custom Couture, also have access to really playful, beautiful bridesmaid options, and can design an amazing option for your group as a mindful bride. You can be sure that your event is not only beautiful, and filled with the love of your significant other and family/friends...but a collective love and appreciation for all that is! We honor you in your journey, and would love to play a role that can support your vision!

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