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Why kindness is the key

As we move toward an unknown future, from a creatively dynamic past that held extreme moments of intense emotions...I realize more than ever that kindness is the key to both personal happiness and collective progress.

In the weddings and events industry, we FELT the Covid-19 pandemic fallout pretty closely. It was a full year of no work, and for many in this business, that is a hard pill to swallow. Being a creative personality, I felt fortunate to dig into some other avenues of creative expression.

As I pondered how best to use the gift of time that I had at my disposal, I kept coming back to creating moments, gifts, small reminders of the connected nature of our human experience. This began to open my eyes to a unique need for connection, for understanding, and for above all, a compassionate stance that offered a safe space to simply be.

This year was a full polarity exploration, with all the re-scheduled events from 2020, and our standard bookings. What an adventure exploring conversations and human dynamics among such variegated belief structures about the world that we live in collectively! I kept realizing, above all else, that when you extend a gracious kindness to any other person, no matter if their opinion is the same, or completely opposite, you allow for an elegant moment of shared humanity. When this grace is offered, an entirely new paradigm of possibilities emerges. New conversation points are highlighted and explored, new friendships are discovered, and all of a sudden you realize...we are such a stunning human family.

I simply encourage my clients, my readers, my friends and those I have yet to meet, to extend a kind word, a smile, a gesture to those that cross your path. You never know the impact that could have on their day, and it always boost your spirit in that positive effort.

If connecting to others seems daunting in this current global space, you can always find some furry friends to connect with. My husband and I love to donate a few hours each week to our local animal shelter. We walk the dogs and assist in socializing the cats, as this contact makes it easier for them to trust humans, and in time-find a forever home.

They provide an unconditional love that truly changes you from the inside out, and I know that I always leave that experience a better human.

Whatever way best honors your personality, find you kindness flow and get out there to share the love~

Cheers, to an even more magical 2022!

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