Our Romantic Style Poetry

As a passionate artist of life, and hunter of all things beautiful...I traveled and lived internationally straight out of high-school. My college education was life in the world! It was tasting, touching, dancing and indulging in the variety of stories each individual had to tell. From Africa and across Western Europe, I fell in love with the poetry of life!

Working to master the fine arts, I quickly expanded into a stint studying fashion design and illustration at the London College of Fashion. I then adventured head first into the health and beauty genres, obtaining my personal training license through the ISSA, and my esthetics license through the College of International Esthetics. Next, I opened my first business,and created a holistic day spa in the heart of the Rockies, of which I owned and operated for 5 years. 

I am now a bridal stylist, coordinator and couture designer of custom bridal wear.

I came to passionately love the romantic and free-spirited Bohemian Styled looks that many brides requested. It is from that love affair that I opened "Gypsy Poetry" A Beauty & Bridal Bungalow,

for I know that a romantic, gypsy spirit,in all her glory is just that...Living Poetry*

In addition to my absolute passion for the beautiful, the radiant, the resplendent...my heart was deeply connected to the themes of kindness, integrity and cruelty free avenues of expression!

I felt that the only true way to honor my truth was to provide products and services that inspired only the good, the gracious, the pure and innocent of life. On that note, I decided to make my business a business of heart...providing effortless avenues to my clients of cruelty free and vegan alternatives for mindful couples.

From cakes, flowers, beauty products, attire, catering, decor and travel, I am able to easily connect the dots and design an exceptionally stunning event without any compromise to the environment or its furry inhabitants. I truly believe everyone can win in this glorious dance of life!

Yours Truly,

Colleen Meheen