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  • How much notice do you need for us to collaborate before my wedding?
    Last minute elopements are absolutely possible, but for the sake of ease and comfort, I recommend a minimum of 4 months prior to your big day, to assure all elements of the experience are in place per your preferences!
  • Do I need to pay a deposit to book these services?
    Yes! We require a 60% deposit to book Gypsy Poetry planning and coordination services, as we get many general requests every year and need to plan the timing perfectly with actual clients that intend to move forward with our packages.
  • Is there a return policy?
    We love to chat, love to tell stories, love to listen to your hearts desires for your magical wedding. That said, we are sure we can meet, and likely exceed your expectations with proper communication and reasonable requests. We do not offer refunds, as our time is money, and we invest in our clients fully!
  • Can I just order a gown or accessories, but not book the services?"
    Yes you can!! Simply add the items to your cart, and shop away~shipping is anywhere from 30-60 days, as most items are made to order, or one-of-a-kind pieces of craftsmanship that come to you from distant places!
  • What Flowers can I choose?
    After you've booked with your deposit, your florist will be more than happy to guide the process and help you create something completely unique to you that matches your colour scheme. Gyspy Poetry signature bouquets are legendary and we often have a few out of the box ideas that you may not have considered. After booking with us, we ask that you send our florist a photograph of your ideal bouquet or flower crown and our talented florists will work their magic to create an ideal arrangement just for you. We love to assist to create completely unique pieces - so don't be afraid to use your imagination!
  • What are the legal requirements for elopeing?
    A marriage license can be obtained by visiting the Clerk & Recorder’s office at any of our three locations. Both the bride and groom must be present (see below for information on how to apply if both parties cannot be present), and provide valid identification. To help reduce waiting time, you may now fill out your marriage application online! Be sure to fill out this form completely and click “Submit” at the end to proceed. Once the online form is completed, the bride and groom must finalize their application by visiting a local Clerk & Recorder's office. Gypsy Poetry celebrates that your marriage is self-uniting – you are the ministers. You will be lead through the ceremony by a "Celebrant," using the format and style you have chosen. * The license must be returned to the Clerk & Recorder’s office within 60 days after the marriage ceremony. * Be sure the certificate’s bottom portion of the license is filled out entirely, including county, date of marriage, place of ceremony, and that your signature appears at the bottom. * A witness is not required, if you choose to have a witness there is no age limit on that witness.
  • If you have a curious question that is not listed probelm! Please reach out with anything on your heart, and we will get back with you as soon as we can."
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